BD example: Personalised doors comfort residents with dementia

Did you ever get lost in a hospital or nursing home, because where ever you go, it all looks pretty much the same? Now imagine what it would be like for someone who suffers from dementia, Alzheimer’s or other mental challenges…..

Enter this simple heartwarming solution of personalised doors in a nursing home:

personalised doors for dementia patients by Truedoors

How did the doors come about?

A photo of the front door of a house from the person’s past is printed on a giant sticker and put on the front door of his or her room in the nursing home. What started as a project by art student┬áMarieke van Diepen of Rietveld Academie in 2007, is now brought to market by a small company called TrueDoors. If the old house no longer exists, the company has a wide collection of doors to find the closest resembling door.

Effect of the doors on people with dementia

According to staff reports, residents are happier, talk more about their past and have less trouble finding their own room.


Watch this video (in Dutch) to see the doors in action:

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